Tattooed Masculine Thickly Muscled Hunk Xavier

Tattooed Masculine Thickly Muscled Hunk Xavier

Extremely masculine Manifest Men bodybuilder Xavier is quite naturally hairy as can be seen in these great pics, but he does shave it in order to show off his very sexy tattoos. He’s the type of man that could be place into any fantasy and cum out shining like a well oiled, chiseled physique. Be it a construction worker, football player or even a porn star, Xavier can be anything he likes in our dreams. And talk about some serious vascularity too! It’s like Xavier’s muscle is trying to come through his furry skin. Intense for sure, it doesn’t mean that Xavier doesn’t crack a big grin once in a while. He’s got a great one too, showing us that he’s the type of hunk that could be approached and the result could be quite surprising. Damn I love the muscle dudes of Manifest Men!

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